Pricing + Services

Cost per Session: $125/ hour


Individual Therapy Sessions

If someone’s called to set up a therapy session the'’re usually at or close to their emotional limit. For this reason as soon as we are done with the intake process we jump to coping skills. After we find a few tools that work for you we’ll work together to find the root of your problem. A lot of times this is a belief like “I’m not good enough, I’m a failure, I’m doomed to be alone”. Once we’ve got that root we will use DBT and CBT informed therapy to 'beat the devil out of it’ Bob Ross style. Yeah, I just said that.

Trans Specific / Gender Therapy

If you are struggling to nail down your gender, are unsure about medical transitioning, want help navigating sexuality in a gender affirming way or just need a cheerleader while you get through this process I am here with pom poms (and a dog for cuddles). Whether you are transgender, gender nonconforming or non-binary, this space is one in which you will never have to defend yourself.

Online Therapy

If we’re honest, there arn’t a ton of resources for the LGBTQIA+ community in South Carolina. Things only get worse for our fetish / polyamorous communities. This can add a layer of difficulty in accessing help, especially for those in our community with disabilities. Online therapy sessions are conducted through a secure, HIPAA compliant platform and ensure accessibility to affirming therapy for those who live outside of the city and for those who have a disability. All you need is a computer / smart device and internet access.


Kink and Poly Positive Therapy

Having to assess your therapist’s knowledge and acceptance levels is chore you don’t want added to the task of therapy, so let me clarify what that looks like with me. You have my full acceptance, unequivocally and without hesitation. I’m well versed with the fetish community and it’s terminology. I’m actively learning about the poly community, relationship structures and its terminology. If there’s something I don’t know I won’t ask you to educate me, I’ll be very happily educating myself.

Pet Assisted Therapy

Overwhelming feelings don’t just make you feel out of control or alone, they can keep you from being able to get our of your head long enough to get what you need out of therapy. My therapy dog, Foochie, will be there to ground you, keep you warm and give you ‘the Care Bear Stare’.

Assessment and Letter to begin Gender Affirming treatments

If your physician is requiring you to attend therapy and complete an assessment to begin hormone therapy or undergo gender affirming surgery I would love to help you get that letter and get the care you need. Assessment times vary by the individual but expect a minimum of 3 sessions to complete.