Counseling Services for the LGBT+ Community in Columbia.

I know you are not broken, you are not just a label and this is not easy or linear.


My focus as your therapist is to give you the tools to have just one day where you are not overwhelmed with anxiety, fear, shame- whatever it is that feels like it is consuming you. One day where you can wake up in the morning and live.

Then, I want to help you make that one day every day.


Individual Therapy

Sometimes things can grow so large that they completely overwhelm our lives. It could be a crushing emotion or it could be a draining and difficult situation.

Individual therapy can help you get clarity, learn to control your emotions and give you the coping skills to know that no matter what- you’ve got this.

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Understanding what being trans or gender queer means for you can be hard to navigate. Dealing with loss, rejection or planning what’s next can feel like a monumental task.

Therapy can help you explore your gender and help you plan your next steps. If you need help or need a letter for medical transition, I got you.

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Kink and Poly Positive Therapy

If you’ve landed here it’s because you need help navigating or learning to manage something.

This is a safe space for you, too. I’ll never ask you to defend or explain your lifestyle. I'II never assume it’s an ‘issue’ and I have no interest in judging it.

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Tele-Therapy Services

If you live outside of a city, have transportation issues or mobility issues getting help can be a nightmare.

Tele-therapy sessions can make that help accessible and convenient in a way that doesn’t add to the stress you are already feeling.

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Hello There-

I’m an LGBT friendly therapist in Columbia, SC. I’m part of the LGBTQIA+ community and provide a safe space for queer, kinky and poly people who could use a little help.

I am myself in session, which means I’m accepting, non-judgmental and direct with a heavy side of sarcasm and dark humor.

I won’t sugar coat things but I will laugh with you often.